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My Exam Strategy Part 3: How I use Notion

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

In my opinion, Notion is the most versatile app out there. Not only is it awesome for studying, it also helps me to organise my life. It's so great I'd even pay for it but luckily students get it for free. If you've seen my previous posts on studying you know that active recall and spaced repetition are an integral part to effective study and in this post contains how I use Notion to do both of these things.

Notion for Active Recall

What makes Notion great for active recall is its toggle feature. This allows you to use Notion as if you are using flashcards or Quizlet. One simply writes out a question and underneath the answer, which you can show and hide by toggling and untoggling the question. It's pretty hard to describe accurately how it works but believe me, I'm making it sound a lot more complicated than it actually is. See image below- a sample of my chemistry notes.

It's also very easy to add images, diagrams and even embed pdfs to Notion. There's even a web clipper that let's you harvest stuff from the Internet.

I think that once you play around with Notion for around 20 minutes you'll be able to use it very efficiently. There's even a table function- it's literally Excel, your notes app, your notebook, your work processor, your calendar and your journal all in one place. It's awesome.

Notion for Spaced Repetition

Using Notion for spaced repetition is easy as well. What I do is to highlight the question in either green yellow or red, depending on how accurately I answered it. And so, the next time I go over the topic, I usually miss out the questions in green and just look over the red and yellow ones.

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