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My University Dilemma

Updated: May 23, 2021

Problem 1: dental schools are all the same

I feel like all the dental schools in the England are the same. They all have a similar course structure, their reputations are comparable and each has its own pros and cons. From what I've heard, KCL has a pretty good reputation but the problem with it is that its teaching is (apparently!) relatively poor and this is holds true for many London unis. Plus accommodation seems rubbish and price does not make up for this and London is generally a bit meh. I know everyone says London is the place to be but I think it's overrated. Other big cities like Birmingham or Manchester are just cheaper versions of London. Though this almost definitely not true, I am prejudiced enough to generalise the entire of London.

Problem 2: Oxbridge doesn't do dentistry

If Oxbridge did dentistry I'd be sorted- 1st choice: Oxbridge. The problem(??) with a BDS is as long as you have a BDS you're sorted. It doesn't matter whether you go to Plymouth, Aberdeen, Belfast or wherever- as long as you have a BDS you're sorted. Basically, all dental schools have a similar reputation otherwise I would just apply the school with the best. This is me about to generalise again but I think this is a problem. Yes, Oxbridge have a great reputation which is why they receive many top applicants, but generally their teaching, facilities etc is comparable to most other decent unis. However, employer generally have the impression that if you go to Oxbridge- you're smart and this is mostly true. But if you go to Birmingham you could be smart too! I spoke to one of my mates dad who recruits people with a chemistry degree and guess what. He only looks at Oxbridge (plus St Andrews and whatever, but the point still stands.) Alas Oxbridge does not do dentistry.

Problem 3: league tables suck

This problem's pretty short and snappy. Every single league table or whatever has a different ranking for everything. A good alternative I found is the TEF teaching ranking but I don't really know what it actually is.

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