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A Short Guide: What is Seven Day NHS? MMIs

What is it?

In the Conservative Party Manifesto, 2015, a key ambition of the government was to implement a 'seven day NHS'. Following an increased risk of patient death admitted at weekends, the idea of 'seven day nhs' was to ensure patients always had access to high-quality treatment, since although certain areas of the NHS run 24/7 a large proportion of treatments are not available late into the night and on weekends. Already, for extreme situations the NHS is available 24/7 - such as with heart attacks, however Seven Day NHS would extend to GP appointments being available at a greater range of times, testing being more available and inpatients having 24/7 access to treatment. And since dentistry is a part of the NHS, Seven Day NHS also applies to dentistry.

In an MMI context, you may be asked to argue for and/or against the Seven Day NHS.


  • In theory, patients receive high-quality care 24/7

  • And since a healthcare professional's main concern should be for the patient this is desirable

  • Thus reducing deaths and other negative complications

  • Reduces the backlog

  • More availability for people in areas where it is difficult to access healthcare

  • Maintains a high regard for healthcare professionals


  • Unrealistic, especially with the current level of funding, staffing, contract issues

  • Links to doctors already being over worked and resources already being stretched

  • Which may lead to a loss of morale and anger

  • Some times inevitably have low to no patient demand and so opening 24/7 is a waste of resources

  • There are more realistic alternatives

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